Red Cross Responds to Apartment Fire In Minot, ND

American Red Cross staff and volunteers responded to a large apartment fire in Minot. Fortunately, the building had not yet opened to residents so no families were displaced. However, the fire required a significant response from first responders and firefighters in the community.

Red Cross personnel provided food, water, and hot beverages for all that responded to the fire and also provided essentials for any others evacuated from nearby buildings until the blaze was under control.

“It is awfully cold outside for all the individuals that are either fighting this fire or any others that were evacuated from nearby buildings,” said Minot Red Cross Community Chapter Executive, Allan McGeough. “We’re glad to provide food and a warm beverage for them.”

Nationally, the Red Cross responds to a disaster every nine minutes. For the latest updates from North Dakota, South Dakota, and Northwest Minnesota, please follow us on Twitter and Facebook