The Red Cross ‘Personal Survival Kit’ Giveaway Is Here!


The Red Cross is once again partnering with State Farm for the ‘Personal Survival Kit’ Giveaway! Be prepared and stay safe!

The American Red Cross-Dakotas Region is once again starting up its ‘Personal Survival Kit’ Promotional Giveaway, sponsored by State Farm Insurance! 93 Personal Survival Kits will be given away, starting on November 25th and ending December 13th!

30 kits will be given away in eastern North Dakota, 30 in southwestern North Dakota, and 30 more in northwestern North Dakota on Valley News Live, KFYR-TV, and KMOT-TV! These personal survival kits include: a Red Cross Drawstring Bag, Emergency Water Pouches, Dust Mask, First-Aid Kit, Tissue Packet, Whistle, Poncho, Light stick, AM/FM Radio, AAA Batteries, Flashlight, AA Batteries, High Calorie Bar, Stocking Cap, Winter Gloves, Hand Warmers, Socks, and a Mylar Blanket.

To sign up, log on to and sign up! You can only sign up once a day to be eligible. Signing up more than once a day will not enhance your chances of winning.

In addition to the 90 kits given away through our television partners, 3 extra kits (one a week) will be given away through our Facebook Contest! Sign up for an extra chance to win! All of the technical support and digital marketing for this project has been provided by Onsharp!

Thanks to all our partners for their help and support of this project. We are excited for another year with this promotional giveaway.

If you aren’t one of the lucky winners, these survival kits can be purchased at your local Mac’s Hardware Store! They make great Christmas presents!

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