Red Cross Disaster Relief Comes to Life in SimCity Video Game

Do you love video games and supporting the work of the Red Cross? Electronic Arts (EA) is partnering with the American Red Cross and nine European national societies to promote preparing for disasters through a Red Cross set in the city-simulation video game, SimCity.

Players will be able to provide assistance to their “Sims” in the same way the Red Cross assists people impacted by real-world natural disasters. When a natural disaster strikes their in-game cities, players can supplement the available in-game emergency services with additional assistance from Red Cross relief centers by purchasing Red Cross-branded, downloadable content for $9.99. EA will give a minimum of 80 percent of proceeds to the Red Cross, with an overall minimum commitment of $100,000.

The Red Cross set consists of a relief center, tents and two vehicles that travel around a player’s city in response to a natural disaster. When a meteor strikes, an earthquake occurs or a tornado touches down, Red Cross tents appear in various locations throughout the city. Sims that would otherwise have been critically injured are instead offered aid at Red Cross relief tents. As the city recovers, the Red Cross tents will disappear. Each disappearing tent releases 10 healthy Sims back into the city. Ambulances, fire trucks and police cars continue to protect the player’s city alongside Red Cross services.

This multi-national Red Cross partnership with Electronic Arts includes the American Red Cross, British Red Cross, Danish Red Cross, Finnish Red Cross, French Red Cross, German Red Cross, Italian Red Cross, Norwegian Red Cross, Spanish Red Cross, and the Swedish Red Cross.

The Red Cross set is available to purchase in game until September 17, 2014.