Former Red Cross Disaster Worker Shares His 9/11 Experience With Next Generation

Former Red Cross Disaster Worker Mark Lindquist speaks to students about his 9/11 experiences.

The morning of September 11th, 2001 started out like just a normal day for Mark Lindquist. He was working for the American Red Cross in Washington D.C. at the time.

But all that changed when America was attacked by terrorists. Mark was there when 189 lives were lost at the Pentagon.
“America really changed that day,” Lindquist said. “We started talking to our neighbors more and became more patient as a country.”
Mark shared his story at a middle school in Fargo with 150 Seventh-Graders on the 12th Anniversary of the attached. These students have no memory of that day as they were not even a year-old at the time. Mark was deployed as a volunteer to assist first responders by providing food and other emergency items.
“I don’t remember how much I slept or how what I ate or how tired I was,” Lindquist recalled. “But I do remember handing someone a toothbrush and watching them weep.”
Lindquist was part of the Americorp program and was deployed on a disaster relief for five days. His message also included an important lesson for the next generation. Volunteerism rose 30% the year following the 9/11 attack.
“It’s important for the next generation to understand how this day changed America,” Lindquist added. “I was proud to be able to share my experience with them.”
Lindquist is the founder of motivational speaking firm ‘Breath Is Limited’.


RedCross 9/11 disaster relief operations included:

• More than 14 million meals and snacks served

• 60 shelters opened for 3,554 families

• 101 sites opened to deliver services

• 292 emergency vehicles deployed

• 57,434 Red Cross employees and volunteers assigned from all 50 states

• 240,417 mental health contacts and 133,035 health contacts made by Red Cross volunteers