Clean-Up Kit Distribution Continues in Barnes County

Red Cross volunteers load up ‘Clean-Up’ Kits for residents in Barnes County affected by flash flooding.

The American Red Cross has distributed more than 300 clean-up kits this spring to various counties in the region, most recently to Barnes County, as flash flooding damaged several properties. Heavy storms dropped several inches of rain in just hours backing up sewer systems.

The kits are provided by the Red Cross at no charge and includes: a 5 gallon bucket with lid, 20 oz. cotton wet mop, 14″ palmyra push broom, 14″ floor squeegee, Two 54″ four section metal handles, 9″ palmyra capped sweep, 7″ scrub brush, cellulose sponge, leather palm work gloves, medical exam gloves, N95 respirator mask, 3 heavy duty garbage bags, Pine-Sol Liquid Cleaner, QT., and Clorox Bleach.

The Red Cross is coordinating with State, County and local governments to distribute these cleanup kits to residents with flooded basements or sewer back up.

“We will continue to work with all city and county agenices to help people recover from these storms,” said Regional Emergency Services Director, Tom Tezel. “Hopefully these clean-up kits will help the process in recovery for all these residents.”

The Red Cross will also be providing lodging and assistance for families displaced due to home structural failure. An estimated 3-5 families will likely be displaced due to these conditions.