Red Cross Hosts Ice Cream Tasting At Walgreens To Support Trace Adkins Bid To Win ‘Celebrity Apprentice’

Staff and volunteers from the American Red Cross held an ice cream tasting at the Walgreens store in Fargo featuring the ‘Maple Macadamia Mash Up’ flavor created by Trace Adkins on ‘Celebrity Apprentice All-Star’.

Adkins is representing the Red Cross on the hit reality series and has raised awareness and funds for the organization. This week’s final task involved Trace and Penn Jilette developing custom ice cream flavors for the Walgreens Delish brand.

If Trace’s flavor is the top seller this week, he’ll win an extra $100,000 for the Red Cross and disaster victims around the nation. That’s 10,000 meals for disaster victims or 20,000 blankets for people who stay in Red Cross shelters.

Adkins is a recent addition to the Red Cross Celebrity Cabinet after his family was helped by the organization after a fire.

“Last year I was out of town when my house burned and the Red Cross was there when I couldn’t be there. They looked after the emotional and physical well-being of my family after a house fire and I was 2,000 miles away,” said Adkins on the show. “There is no more noble charity in this country than the American Red Cross.”