Minn-Kota Region Volunteer Continues Work on East Coast

Photo Courtesy of Roger Hamalainen

Roger Hamalainen, of Fargo, is currently on his third deployment to the East Coast as the Red Cross efforts continue in response to Superstorm Sandy. Much work remains to be done as the recovery presses on in New York and New Jersey. The Minn-Kota Region’s Emergency Response Vehicles returned from the Sandy efforts earlier this month.

Here is the latest update from Roger:

I flew back to NYC, Red Cross HQ in New York City, New York on 02-16-2013 for a third DSHR, Hurricane Sandy Greater NY. I am working as a Community Partnership Government Liasion Representing the Red Cross. At this point we are focused on Long term recovery.

I am visiting HUB sites (feeding and supplies, porta pottys, ect) and seeing what they need. If the Red Cross has it, I requisition the items for them. Another part of my function is to assist Long Term Recovery orginazitions / groups structure their committees and sub committee.

I am on a Staten Island “Mission and Structure Commitee” It’s just starting to meet so my first goal it to offer them toos/information to allow them the ability to develope framework that will allow for smart planning/decisions, procedure and continuity. Staten Island has a very resiliant population, tight nit community. I really enjoy working with these people. I am certain to learn alot from this CPS LTR group.

2 thoughts on “Minn-Kota Region Volunteer Continues Work on East Coast

  1. I am a pastor of a church in Duluth, Minnesota and am interested in bringing a group of volunteers to help with clean up on the east coast, New York, New Jersey, etc. Who would I contact to see if that would be wanted.

    • Thanks so much for your interest in helping the Red Cross as it continues its mission on the east coast. I recommend you start by contacting your local Red Cross in Duluth at 218-722-0071 and speak with Executive Director Judy Hanne Gonzalez. She should be able to point you in the right direction!

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