Emergency Response Vehicles Return To Region From Superstorm Sandy!

WDAY reporter Kay Cooley interviews volunteer Jane Rudlang about the return of the ERV’s to the Minn-Kota Region.

All three of the Emergency Response Vehicles that deployed to Superstorm Sandy relief efforts have now arrived back in the region. The final two ERV’s arrived via rail on February 13th after 3 and-a-half months of service on the East Coast.

“We’re glad the ERV’s from our region were able to support the relief efforts,” said American Red Cross Regional CEO Judy Green. “A lot of people don’t realize that the Red Cross still serves close to 40,000 meals a day on the east coast.”

The ERV’s were picked up at the BNSF Railyard in Dilworth, Minnesota by staff members and volunteers, including Jane Rudlang. Rudlang spent over two weeks deployed on the east coast and did mobile feeding via an Emergency Response Vehicle (ERV) through the neighborhoods most impacted by Sandy. Volunteers drove the vehicles thousands of miles out east during the initial response.

Valley News Live Reporter Kristi Larson interviews Regional CEO Judy Green about the return of the ERV’s from Superstorm Sandy relief efforts.

“It was an incredible experience and one I will never forget,” Rudlang said. “I have vivid memories of people out there continually thanking us for a hot meal when they had nowhere else to go.”

Of three ERV’s, one has been returned to Grand Forks, another will remain in Fargo, while the other will be stationed in Minot. These vehicles will now go back to service in the Minn-kota Region, responding to house fires, severe storms, floods, and other disasters that occur on a regular basis.

“This is what the Red Cross is all about,” Rudlang added. “Helping people that need the help.”

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