Emergency Response Vehicle Returns From East Coast

Volunteer Jon Nowacki and intern Kaleb Brunswig drove the ERV to Grand Forks, ND from Fergus Falls, MN in the final leg of its journey back to the Region.

In response to the Red Cross Superstorm Sandy relief efforts, three Emergency Response Vehicles (ERV’s) from the Minn-Kota Region were sent to the east coast to help those effected by the disaster. After 3 months, one of the ERV’s has finally returned home. Two others are currently in Indiana and will be transported back to the region in the near future.

“The ERV’s from our region played an important role in the Sandy relief efforts,” said Director of Emergency Services, Tom Tezel. “Our volunteers drove those vehicles thousands of miles across the country to assist those in need.”

The Minn-Kota Region sent 23 volunteers along with the three Emergency Response Vehicles to support the Superstorm Sandy relief efforts.

At the 100-day mark since Superstorm Sandy’s landfall, the American Red Cross is still hard at work providing food, emotional support and long-term assistance.

  • More than 700 Red Cross workers are on the ground. We are operating fixed feeding sites and providing mobile feeding in some areas of New York.
  • For example, the Red Cross still has been distributing an average of 40,000 meals and snacks each day in New York
  • As part of this effort, we are supporting several community food banks in New York to help provide meals to people in the hardest hit areas.
  • Trained Red Cross workers are helping people get assistance with home repairs, rent, utility deposits, and connecting them with social service programs.