Woman Writes First Novel Thanks To A Nudge From The Red Cross

In May of 2011, Paulette Bullinger attended the first annual American Red Cross ‘Ruby Force’ fundraiser at Bank of North Dakota in Bismarck. Little did she know that attending this event would completely change her life.

At this fundraiser, ten different ‘buckets’ of prizes were given away to those in attendance, including one that offered help writing a novel. Bullinger ended up winning the bucket and had the opportunity to work with an English professor at the University of Mary in Bismarck. Together, they got started.

“I probably never would have done it if I didn’t win this bucket from the Red Cross,” Bullinger said. “But this gave me the opportunity to do it.”

Paulette Bullinger published her first novel as a result of winning a prize ‘bucket’ from the American Red Cross Ruby Force fundraiser.

Bullinger already had a story idea in mind, based on a 1912 crime that was never solved in a town south of Bismarck, North Dakota. An older relative gave her a newspaper article explaining the circumstances of how a girl was mysteriously found dead in a restaurant. It was the perfect plot for a murder mystery novel.

“This was the premise and background for the story, but the rest of it I just made up,” Bullinger joked.

After one year, Bullinger finished her novel and looked for someone to publish it. Knuckledown Press CEO Ryan Christiansen took a look at the manuscript and liked what he saw. A few months later, ‘Nothing Hidden’ was published and can now be purchased as an e-book at www.amazon.com.

“The way Paulette evokes the life and times of the people who lived along the Missouri River near Bismarck and Mandan captivates me,” Christiansen said. “Knuckledown Press is also profoundly interested in publishing books set in North Dakota.”

In the acknowledgement in the beginning of the book, Bullinger mentioned that this book was “For Red Cross volunteers everywhere, who give their time and energy for others.”

Bullinger is going to donate a portion of the profits from the book back to the American Red Cross. So far reviews have been extremely positive.

“You may never look at old family photos the same way again after reading this fascinating tale about lives, loves, mystery, and murder on the northern plains in the early 1900s. Nothing Hidden is the kind of novel you can’t wait to finish.”                         -Vernon Keel, author, The Murdered Family


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  1. Dear Paulette, OMG! You are such a dynamic, integral woman, and I am so proud of your writing a novel…I too, have always wanted to do that, but cannot seem to squeak any time in for me to give my self a pedicure, much less write a novel…
    Someday Missy, you will leave your wonderful legacy for generations to come, to admire and remember you…I know I will.

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